To be perfectly honest with you all, I’ve been struggling to explain my vision for the World War Zero Army. I dedicated my life to this mission but sometimes it’s hard. It seems like everyone kinda looks at me oddly whenever I try to explain what I’m working on. Some people think I’m just plain crazy (no doubt) but I’m doing my best to present this vision (which is very large in scope) in a way that’s most easily digestible for everyone. That was my goal with this video.

I meant to post this update months ago. At first I wanted to feature this video as the primary explainer video but after messing around with Gridiron designs for months on end (tedious work), I decided to make this video more of a side-note. It’s an optional part of Basic Training that will help commanders understand the history of WW0 Army along with an introduction to the big idea. I just wish our graphic designs for Rounds of Economic Ammunition were done before this video was published because I think it would help complete the picture but I’m glad it’s behind me now because I’m excited to show off all the cool graphics we’ve been working on! Go BRAVO Company – Go TEAM! Can’t wait to see how cool it’s going to look once the app is fully operational.

Signing off,

Simon G.I.
Commander Zero
World War Zero Army



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