After months of preparation, we began filming footage for the first World War Zero explainer video aimed at the youtube audience in late December 2019. Then something unexpected happened. We started receiving all kinds of checks in the mail. At first, we assumed these checks were from friends and family (because we haven’t started marketing efforts yet). As the checks rolled in, however, it was clear that something else was going on so we did a quick google search. To our surprise, there suddenly appeared ANOTHER World War Zero all over the headlines. Apparently John Kerry has launched a campaign targeting goal 13 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – Climate Action. So we had to modify our explanation of World War Zero in our explainer video so as not to confuse the audience. We will be reaching out to World War Zero (John Kerry’s WW0) soon to forward these checks onto them and to workout a solution to a potential conflict in the future when we will start fundraising in a big way. World War Zero has been working on a proposal for some revolutionary fund-raising technologies called Weapons of Mass Donation (WMDs) so it will be important to resolve this potential conflict. Checkout the video below for details. In the meantime, we encourage all global citizens around the world to enlist in John Kerry’s star-studded World War Zero effort. Go to for details. Check out our explainer video below!

Now, let’s go to war, Commanders!

– C4 –



ENLISTMENTย in the World War Zero Army has BEGUN! The WW0 Army is an army of global citizens fighting for the global goals.

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